System Differentiators

AESI entered the alternative energy market as an outgrowth of 50 years selling, installing, and servicing boilers and power rooms. Our commitment then and today is to only provide those systems that operate as reliably, and easily as fossil fuel fired packaged boilers. An AESI system will run as intended from day one taking full advantage of the smart engineering incorporated into each biomass package. The expertly designed features of an AESI biomass unit truly sets our systems apart from other biomass energy suppliers. 

AESI Biomass Units

  • Are provided as part of a complete system consisting of optimum equipment from fuel preparation to ash management
  • Emit the lowest emissions content of any solid fuel boiler
  • Will easily provide 30 years, useful life
  • Are modular and easy to redeploy if needed
  • Are scalable to meet future energy needs
  • Offer a high resale value
  • Over 4,000 units placed worldwide
  • Are equipped with auto ash extraction
  • Withstand thermal impact, because of their mass better than any other in the market 
  • Constructed with high alumina content brick refractory
  • Offer the longest residence time in the combustion chamber
  • Consume 100% of the fuels carbon content
  • Do not experience klinkering, slagging or glassifying 
  • Are highly automated, which reduces manpower needs
  • Offer very low maintenance and life cycle costs compared to other models in the market
  • Are equipped with remote monitoring for improve system support
  • Depending on unit can deliver hot air, hot water, superheated water, steam, or thermal oil

AESI Biomass Gasification Boilers vs Others

Functionality AESI Other Biomass Boilers
Fuel Humidity Broad - Up to 100% Limited - 60% or less
Fuel Granulometry Pulverized to pellets
Rough grind to chunk 
Usually needs prepared fuels
Fuel Consumption Complete Units leave slag, char, and other apportionments of un-utilized fuels
Emissions Below most air standards Varies with fuel properties
Modulation Very good as the fuel is in gaseous state during combustion Varied depending on fuel properties
High incidence or loss of control of internal temperatures 
Durability Long-lived due to high mass of unit, high quality materials and components Multiple incidents of failure in under two years, some under one, some cases of failure after a few months

Mechanical Features

  • Auto soot blowers
  • Double ash extraction
  • Water cooled moving grates
  • Retractable light off burner
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