About the Biomass Energy Alliance

Biomass Energy AllianceAs a small business focused on leading the modular, biomass energy market in the United States, AESI, offers an Associate Provider network, the Biomass Energy Alliance (BEA), to qualified, technically aligned and solutions-driven small business partners. By taking full advantage of AESI’s structure, support network, and project development strategies, our BEA Associates will have the inside track to deploying biomass energy solutions within their focus areas.

Participation Benefits

  • Active support in system solution strategies
  • Centralized project development support
  • Full access to AESI core team members
  • Aggregation of resources, linking multiple small businesses all serving the biomass to energy market
  • Quick resource expansion and market coverage vs. organic growth strategies
  • New market development costs avoided when leveraging AESI's partner network / subject matter experts, differentiated products / application strategies, and technical / market IP.

To learn more and develop an understanding of how the BEA can support your interest in expanding biomass energy opportunities please contact AESI. Participation in the BEA is limited – serious inquiries only.

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BEA Benefits

  • Overcoming physical geographic limitations
  • Solutions draw from a broad bandwidth of expertise in both planning and execution,
  • As an assimilated group, scale is achieved lowering costs,
  • Biomass Energy Solutions are our exclusive focus.
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