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The Biomass Research Institute (BRI) provides solid fuel biomass testing services to commercial, industrial, and research organizations. AESI’s years of experience confirms that pilot studies and design verification are valuable components of alternative energy projects, particularly projects using “fuels of opportunity.” The BRI laboratory in Wichita has all necessary equipment for validating the thermal and emissions parameters of essentially any solid biomass fuel. The video featured on this page shows a brief overview of the BRI biomass testing laboratory.

Typical fuel validation studies require purchasing expensive equipment, sometimes equipment that adds little value to the finished project. The BRI enables AESI to "proof" our customers' opportunity fuels and establish performance based on real-time fuel data – all before buying equipment.

Despite offering exceptional investment returns, biomass power plants are expensive. A fuel validation improves design efficiency, reduces project risk, and increases project value far exceeding the small cost.

Benefits of a full-scale testing facility

  • Validation of single and blended biomass materials as opportunity fuels
  • Real-time performance evaluation
  • Data acquisition and reporting
  • Emissions profiling and guarantees
  • Performance assurances
  • Live on-site operation viewing
  • Materials analysis necessary to select appropriate materials management equipment 

Through innovation in fuel handling, blending and energy conversion, a wider range of biomass materials will be regarded as viable fuels, which will significantly expand the possibilities of lower cost fuel stocks. Ultimately, this process provides assurance for the potential customer that the plan in development can be achieved in real applications. AESI believes so strongly in the performance of fuel testing prior to placing equipment orders that we credit 90% of the cost to conduct the testing to the procurement of a system.

Contact AESI today if you are interested in conducting research and testing in our biomass laboratory.

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