Post Installation Support

AESI is as interested in our customers projects after they are commissioned as when we are providing them.  A lynchpin to our corporate strategy is zero defects regarding installed systems.  Not only must every system function as planned but also must demonstrate, tangibly, the robustness which we know are inherent to them.   

As a realistic assumption, all equipment is destined for some issues, and how problems are solved when they arise is as defining for a company as any other activity they may engage in.  This leads to another corporate lynchpin within AESI, and that is our founding of the firm from the operating platform, since 1955, of WBI, a separate but wholly owned corporation.  

For 55 years,  WBI has supported the design, installation and maintenance of industrial ovens, boilers, autoclaves, furnaces, burners, and controls. Legacy knowledge gained over the last half century enables us to offer implementable, industrial energy solutions for upgrading or replacing existing boiler systems with those fueled by Biomass.

More directly, AESI has incorporated exiting supply logistics for field service engineers and parts supply. Existing skill sets derive from professionals who have provided boilers and related parts/services to industrial, institutional and commercial customers. This means AESI is fully equipped after the sale to effectively:

  • Supply parts, service, and technology for the production/control of energy and heat through various media.
  • Support our customers in developing incremental and long-term energy solutions using proven technology that offer significant improvements in system performance and efficiency.
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