From concept to commissioning and fuel management to energy output, AESI ensures a successful project through single-source turnkey delivery
Fuel testing is key to eliminating potential fuel-based obstacles and developing an effective fuel management plan

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The delivery of effective biomass energy plants requires a team knowledgeable of the whole system delivery process – from fuel sourcing and management through processing, system design and installation, energy production, system training, operation, maintenance and post installation support. A turnkey delivery approach is critical to ensuring all system components function at an optimized level. Our turnkey solutions begin with concept development and fuel testing to ensure that fuel properties can support the energy delivery needs of each project. As the project moves through the design phase, AESI’s team of valued partners contributes to the system validation process; provides full plant system design; develops permitting guidance and support; and ensures the system is installed and functioning as intended. Many service offerings contribute to AESI’s turnkey delivery platform all of which are offered toward the end goal of complete customer satisfaction and system reliability.

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