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AESI Containerized DeliveryAlternative Energy Solutions International, Inc (AESI) has combined the best in biomass powered thermal systems with the ease of operation of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology to provide a self contained, easily deployed unit. First gasifying the biomass then combusting the syngas eluted with equipment backed by 50 years production and 3400 installations world wide, operations are automated and clean. Unique in the market place these are state-of-the-art systems arising from continuous research and practical experience. Built in an ISO Certified factory, this equipment meets most code requirements.

Electricity from the ORC has been dependably generated world wide. A simple variation of the ubiquitous Rankine Cycle, applied in power generating plants since their inception, the application of an Organic, closed loop fluid, simply further assures operational reliability. The well articulated fuel storage and handling systems developed by AESI, engineered to provide autonomous fuel delivery to the biomass gasification unit, ensures long lasting and trouble free operation.

System Description

Outdoor or indoor deployable in a weather proof, high quality steel container. Unitized biomass boiler and Organic Rankine Cycle electrical generator delivers steady power. Included integrated fuel storage with level indicator. Holds up to four weeks supply depending on output. Optional 30 day supply container available. Comprehensive integrated controls provide for fully automated operations, with remote monitoring and adjustment capabilities.1 Electrical power generation adjustable converted to desired frequency and voltage output. Entire system is closed loop secured, minimizing maintenance, extending useful life. Biomass boiler heat source boils the working fluid, a non-flammable, eco-friendly refrigerant selected for high performance at low temperature.

Quality Assurance

  • All components are listed and code compliant
  • Unit construction is consistent with most local and industry standards.
  • Unit container coatings capable of withstanding 500-hour salt-spray exposure per ASTM B117 (scribed specimen).
  • Loops leak tested and pressure tested.

Delivery, Storage, and Handling

Unit shipped as single primary package plus 1 returnable container for accessories supporting installation. If ordered, a separate fuel storage package is available as is a fuel preparation system. Unit equipped with lifting rings for site placement. Package shall be delivered and handled according to manufacturer specifications. 

Key Facts

  • Single Containerized Commercial Power Units
  • Adjustable Power Conditions Delivery For Maximum End Use Flexibility
  • Units certified cargo worthy and CSC plated for international movement.
  • Size Ranges: 30 and 50 kwel
  • Black start capable with optional diesel generator or battery pack
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