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AESI was founded on the concept of using waste materials as thermal energy sources. Many waste to energy (WTE) opportunities exist that broaden the utility of biomass energy solutions. It is AESI’s experience; however, that with every biomass project, the fuel and the fuel handling requirements make or break the project. This fact is most applicable when developing a waste to energy solution using non-woody biomass as the primary fuel source. Understanding fuel behavior and characteristics including emissions profiling is key.

Waste To Energy

Currently, AESI is in the process of developing and installing waste to energy system solutions involving a host of traditional and more exotic fuel types. Each fuel offers its own challenges that must be fully evaluated and addressed to determine if the economics of a project support a path forward. Typical issues to address include: material sorting and processing, fuel size and composition, moisture content, ash content, transportation, storage and conveyance requirements, etc.

With the use of the nation’s only fully functional test facility, the Biomass Research Institute (BRI), AESI can eliminate the guesswork on all waste to energy projects. Using a commercially operated test unit AESI can conduct a test burn on any opportunity fuel for an extended processing time to provide a real time analysis of gasified biomass fuels in various quantities, blends and compositions. The data from the fuel analysis enables our technical team to optimize fuel performance, understand air emission quantities, and determine project viability before any equipment is purchased.

Waste to energy is our future. With our premiere systems and scientific approach to waste to energy projects, AESI can equip you with the necessary data to make educated and fact-based decisions on the path forward.

Opportunity Fuels - Waste To Energy

  • Municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Refuse derived fuels (RDF)
  • Agricultural residues
  • Municipal sludges
  • Wood processing by-products
  • Algae cakes
  • Industrial process wastes
  • Manures (livestock, equestrian, elephant, etc.)
  • Auto shredder residue (ASR)


WTE Benefits

  • Landfill diversion
  • Carbon neutral energy
  • Waste minimization
  • Neutral to negative fuel costs
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