EOS Series Biomass Gasification Boilers

AESI EOS Series Biomass Gasification BoilerEOS Series Biomass Gasification Boiler

The EOS series of biomass gasification boilers from AESI combust and gasify solid biomass fuels, range in output from 600,000 BTU/hr to 20,000,000 BTU/hr, and produce hot water, superheated water, and saturated steam for a variety of thermal needs. The EOS series is highly efficient, low in maintenance, and completely automated.

AESI’s biomass gasification boilers are based on European technology developed and enhanced for over 50 years by Italian-based Uniconfort, an ISO 9001 company, and exclusively fabricated by AESI in the United States. AESI and Uniconfort lead the industry in providing modular, reliable, and efficient biomass gasification solutions, services, and technologies.

The EOS series is designed for gasifying biomass with moisture levels up to 75% on a dry-basis and is well suited for agricultural biomass with high ash content. Automatic cleaning and ignition systems provide low maintenance and unattended operation. With a two-part hybrid combustion grate, (the first part is fixed and the second is moving for flexible combustion) the EOS series efficiently combusts different types of biomass fuels with low emissions.

EOS Series Highlights

High Efficiency

EfficiencyHigh exchange surface of the exchanger and low smoke temperature guarantees high yields of up to 93%.

Automatic Cleaning

Automatic CleaningAn automatic cleaning system guarantees high yield and a drastic reduction in machine downtime which is only required for ordinary system maintenance

Automatic Ignition System

Automatic Ignition SystemAn automatic ignition system allows better system start and stop programming, optimizing biomass throughput and emissions.

Hybrid Combustion System

Hybrid Combustion SystemA hybrid combustion system with fixed and moving grates offers the highest flexibility in biomass fuels.

EOS Series Standard and Optional Features

Automatic boiler fuel feed system (Screw Auger with Metering Bin) X
Automatic ash extraction with collection bin X
Automated operation with PLC X
Combustion system with fixed and moving grates X
Induced draft fan X

Automatic ignition system


Automatic cleaning soot blowers

Chimney stack X

Simple Cyclone or Multi-cyclone Emission Control

Flue connections X
Bulk fuel storage and feed system X
Additional emission control devices X
Remote Support X

EOS Fact Sheet

EOS Energy Outputs

  • Hot Water @ 203°F
  • Superheated Water up to 300°F
  • Saturated Steam up to 175 psi

EOS Fuel Options

  • Woody Biomass
  • Ag Byproducts
  • Pellets
  • Densified Fuel

EOS Features

Versatile Fuel Handling

  • Hybrid combustion system
  • Efficiently combusts a wide range of biomass fuels
  • High moisture fuels up to 75% dry-basis
  • Accepts fuel ash content up to 3%
  • Utilize fossil fuels as a backup fuel

Automated Operation with PLC

  • Automatic ignition system
  • Automatic fuel feed system
  • Automatic ash extraction
  • Automatic cleaning soot blowers
  • Automatic combustion modulation

High Quality, Durable Design

  • Hand-laid firebrick refractory
  • Robust steel construction
  • Proprietary Steel-Nickel alloy moving grates
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